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J-Bay Adventures

Surf Lessons for All

Let us take you on one of several great adventures in and around Jeffrey's Bay - from SUP Paddleboarding or Sandboarding in the dunes to a Waterfall exploration or cultural tour!

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We have a dedicated Surfing School at Island Vibe in Jeffrey's Bay...

Waterfall Tours

Join us for two exhilarating hours of cliff jumps, ziplines, bum slides and two hours of a whole lot of wet n’ wild fun.

Our waterfall tour is exactly what you need on a beautiful summer’s day. Just 20 minutes outside of Jeffrey’s Bay, allow our outgoing and adventurous guides to take you on a short nature hike to find a fantastic hidden waterfall where you can jump from the highest cliff, zipline right into the rockpool, or simply sit back and sip a beer under the South African sun.

Whether you came to conquer your fears and take the leap or to catch some rays and chill way out, there is no better place than Watergat!

Wherever you are in town, we’ll pick you up.  Just remember to bring your snacks, your beers and some rad tunes to make it a real jam.

waterfall tours - information

Cost and duration

R350 per person
2 Hours

What to bring

Camera, sunblock, hat, towel, dry clothes, shoes, snacks and drinks

Trip Times

10h00 and 16h00
(flexible times as per the guide)


Transport to and from waterfall adventure & entrance fee.


Sandboarding! It’s like snowboarding, only hotter. And in Jeffrey’s Bay we substitute the icy-cold Swiss Alps slopes with warm sand, sunny skies and crisp ocean views as you plummet to the foot of our stunning dunes of all sizes and heights! The higher up the dune you go, the more exhilarating the ride down. Be prepared for loads of fun, sun and sand absolutely everywhere!

There are no levels of experience required, just a touch of adrenaline, a LOT of sunblock and the whole family.

Our exciting, experienced guides will pick you up wherever you may be in JBay and take you out for a wicked thrilling two-hour downhill adventure. All equipment provided!

Are you ready?

sandboarding - information

Cost and duration

R350 per person
2 Hours

What to bring

Camera, sunblock and water

Trip Times

11h30, 14h00 AND 16h00 daily
(weather permitting)


All gear, enigmatic instructors, transport to and from the dunes.

Beach Horse Rides

There is no better way to see the world than from atop a horse! Come with us on a stunning two-hour horseback adventure where you will be guided through the indigenous South African bush before breaching onto an untouched, secluded beach. Wind your way up, down and around a few dunes before riding your way along where the waves break at the shore!

Whether you want speed and the wind whipping all around you as the horse gallops towards the horizon, or simply a leisurely walk across the beach enjoying the sun, the sky and the view, the qualified guides of Papiesfontein will make sure you get what you want and have an absolutely thrilling time.

Our guides will happily pick you up and drop you off, and with 15km of bush trail and 11km of beach at your fingertips, you will have the ride of a lifetime.

You don’t need experience to have an adventure.

Just take the reins!

beach horse rides - information

Cost and duration

R650 per person - 2 Hours

Bring a camera, small backpack, money for refreshments and water bottle.

What to wear

Closed shoes, long pants, sunblock, sunglasses (to keep the sand out your eyes).

Trip Times

10h00 and 15h00


Transport to and from the horseback adventure.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

For all those who want to take board sports to a more leisurely level, how about a Stand-Up Paddle Tour?

Doing your utmost to stay standing while trying to propel forward with your paddle is half the fun! Prepare to get wet…

Different to surfboarding, you will spend the duration of this tour standing upright so as to enjoy the spectacular scenery as you paddle along the picturesque Marina Martinique estate, winding your way through approximately 7km of man-made canals in-between the charming Caribbean-esque style homes. After you have achieved quite the workout, enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the Marina Wharf sitting right on the water’s edge.

Alternatively, float your way along the serene Kabeljouws Rivier and Lagoon surrounded by nature with the ocean on the horizon. Lounge out on the shore and enjoy a picnic under the sun with your friends and family because our SUP Tours are for everybody!

Our friendly guides will pick you up and drop you off with all the necessary gear to have a fun-filled, water adventure... ‘SUP?

stand up paddleboarding safaris - information

Cost and duration

R350 per person - 2 Hours

Bring a swimming costume to wear.

What to bring

Camera, dry clothes, hat, towel, sunblock, drinks and snacks and money for refreshments.

Trip Times

9h00 and 16h00 but the times can be Flexible (weather/wind conditions permitting)


Transport to and from SUP adventure point, boards and paddles.

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